• Our Management team consists of professionals and entrepreneur who have accumulated many years of experience both in Iraq and the United States, as the team served as the prime contractor to the National Electricity Administration in Iraq following the 1991 Gulf war. The team managed to restore all damaged power Station and facilities for working status It is the FIRST and largest Private Iraqi Company in engineering fields in employing more than 200 local Iraqi highly qualified permanent staff that covers most of the engineering fields These employees are working with the company’s different sections and activities, and are divided according to each section effort to ensure smooth flow of work, taking into consideration using the personnel to their top ability & creativity in their assigned post in the bureau.


• Our company gets the good reputation in dealing with the best equipment and materials used in our projects from a highly standard intentional scope lines all over the world. Our company had very good relations with the best international companies as we have teamed with two of the biggest companies in the world which are the Sweden Company ABB, German Company SIEMENS, Denmark Company GRUNDFOS, American Company SEPCO, and French Companies SCHNEIDER and GE


• the FIRST Private Iraqi Company which executed a 15 month contract to operate and maintain 26 generating sites all over the Iraqi Governorates with a total capacity of 260MW, using the state of the art technologies in maintaining and operating all generators and synchronizing them to the national grid through the medium voltage network. Calculating and controlling the whole process is achieved through the main Operation Center, which is located in the head office in Baghdad. Multiple working shifts, 24 hours 7 days a week, have been followed in all sites to achieve the required energy production


• he FIRST Private Iraqi Company that awarded contract to Build, Own and Operate (BOO) power plants to deliver 200 MW to the national electricity grid for 10 years contract, with an estimated budget of 0.75 billion US$.


• The FIRST and largest Private Iraqi Company to execute more than 80 different electrical projects in different sectors, such as substations, distribution networks, underground feeders, overhead feeders … etc. We had granted very high remarks from the PCO, COR and MoE for following regulations and executing works in the best performance and quality.


• Following the best security plans and safety regulations we have managed to control all the above projects and even in the dangerous places and the most difficult times with the minimum accidents and casualties. This is a very important issue since many companies have terminated their works and activities because of that.