Our Substation Projects department is involved in the design and execution for all of the civil works related to the substation, from the switchgear building to the power transformer bases and firewall, to all the power cables trenches to the related services for the substation such as the water, sewage networks, to the service roads.




  1.  Ammara Extension 400/132KV Substation
  2.  GE 132/33 KV GIS Salman Pak.
  3.  GE 132/33 KV GIS Baladiyat.
  4.  Al- Manteka Al-Sinaeya 31.5MVA Substation.
  5.  Al-Hamza 31.5MVA Substation.
  6.  Eskan 31.5MVA Substation
  7.  AL-Shafiya 16 MVA Substation.
  8.  Al-Salahiya 16 MVA Substation.
  9.  Fallujah East 31.5 MVA Substation.
  10.  Fallujah Shuhada'a 31.5 MVA Substation.
  11. Al-Nasir Substation 31.5 MVA Substation.
  12. Police Academy 16 MVA Substation.
  13. Diala Nawfal 16 MVA Substation.
  14. Rania 31.5MVA Substation.
  15.  Al- Bdeer 16 MVA Substation