Logistics Dpt

One of the heavily logged departments, with the huge movability of materials from the manufacturer to the site, CTL is managing a big mesh for transporting materials from all over the world, form China and East Asia to Europe and North Africa and also the United States which exceeds more than 12,000 Tons of different materials and equipment.

We are dealing with big names in the field of the logistics, securing our materials is one of our big interest, and via Kuwait and Turkey are the safest routes for our company.

Our company has daily bases information concerning the status of our goods, and we are maintaining and following all our procurements till it reaches safely its final destination.

This great job is achieved by our highly trained personnel.

CTL has many warehouses distributed in all areas wherever the projects need, In addition to the main stores inside the headquarter building and the nearby area where more than 400 of (1x400mm2, 33KV) cable drums can be stored neatly and safely

CTL own more than 40 vehicles capable to cover most of the activities of surveying, projects control and managements, equipment and materials transportation in addition to double the above number of vehicles used in permanent rental state for projects services and subcontractors uses.


• More than 400 pieces of heavy equipment owned outright

• Includes heavy machinery, vehicles, generators, concrete batch plants, and tools

• Breakdown includes:

• Generators: 85 (ranging from 63-1110 kV)

• Mobile Cranes: 11 (ranging from 30-50 ton)

• Tower Cranes: 9

• Concrete Pumps: 8

• Concrete Mixers: 48

• Concrete Batch Plants: 8

• Bulldozer: 3

• Shovels: 12

• Pokeline/Backhoe: 12

• Rollers: 15

• Graders: 8

• Piling Machines: 2

• Tankers: 42

• Forklifts: 22