Civilian Technologies Ltd. (CTL) is an Iraqi Engineering firm established in 2004 and has engaged in infrastructure development projects in Iraq.

Our Management team consists of professionals and entrepreneur who have accumulated many years of experience both in Iraq and the United States, as the team served as the prime contractor to the National Electricity Administration in Iraq following the 1991 Gulf war.

The FIRST and largest Private Iraqi Company to execute more than 80 different electrical projects in different sectors, such as substations, distribution networks, underground feeders, overhead feeders … etc. We had granted very high remarks from the PCO, COR and MoE for following regulations and executing works in the best performance and quality. 

Following the best security plans and safety regulations we have managed to control all the above projects and even in the dangerous places and the most difficult times with the minimum accidents and casualties. This is a very important issue since many companies have terminated their works and activities because of that. 

Our company gets the good reputation in dealing with the best equipment and materials used in our projects from a highly standard intentional scope lines all over the world. Our company had very good relations with the best international companies as we have teamed with two of the biggest companies in the world ,such as American company GE ,Sweden Company ABB, German Company SIEMENS, Denmark Company GRUNDFOS, American Company SEPCO, and French Companies SCHNEIDER.

 We believe that the Quality Management System (QMS) certificate ISO 9001 provides evidence of our Organization’s commitment in consistently providing a product or service that meets our customers' needs. 

The team managed to restore all damaged power Station and facilities for working status. 

In addition to the headquarter in Baghdad CTL Company has one office in Baghdad and one in Amman, in order to manage the projects which located around the branch area, and to following up the transportation of the Materials and the Equipment needed to execute our projects.:
• Amman Jordan/ 7thCircle, Departure Building. No. 305, 307 and 309 
• Baghdad office: Zayona, M714, Zukak 7, Dar no. 25/1 
• CTL web site: 
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