Sinjar Fresh Water Project

Sinjar Fresh Water Project

CTL Company designed & supplied all services, materials, and equipment necessary to perform all works, and supplied all adequate and competent labor to construct, oversee, and managed all activities associated with construction of new water supply systems consisting of the following activities associated with the options described above:

The drilling of new wells of (100 -180)m depth and (200-250)mm diameter as shown in the Solicitation Package.

The average total capacity of all wells is 650m3/hr.

Supply and install of submersible pumps and horizontal pumps of 60-120m3/hr.

Supply and install of Chlorinators with a complete system.

The construction of concrete Ground Storage Tanks 20-150m3.

The construction of concrete Elevated Tanks of 20m3.

The construction of concrete Surge Tanks of 80m3.

The construction of Well rooms, Operators rooms and chlorine rooms.

Supply and installation of 150 kVA Generators and 50kVA.

Laying of Ductile/ PVC transmission pipelines of (100-250) mm diameter.

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